Starting to Play the Guitar?

Starting to Play the Guitar?

Starting to Play the Guitar?

What Do You Think is the Biggest Mistake Beginners Make When Starting to Play the Guitar?


This is a question that you will face, whether you play the guitar or not. It’s one of the biggest mistakes that I have encountered in my guitar teaching experiences. But it happens to people of all ages and skill levels. Once you know what it is, you will know how to avoid it. What is thisMistake?


It is the golden rule in music “Everything Must Pass Phrase”. This is when you can go about doing something, but if there is a possibility that you will make a mistake, you should never, ever allow yourself to get away with it. Especially when you are playing the guitar. The best example I can give you is the sentence “I can’t find a note, what are you doing?” This is where knowing your music is very important. You should know your scales, your modes, know the chords, but if you can’t find a note, you should never, ever settle for it. The reason I ask this is you might get the melody wrong, or have a slightly wrong idea of what the music should sound like. The melody is 5% of the whole thing, and you need to have 100% confidence that you are playing the right notes, and in the right sequence. Be prepared to make mistakes, that’s’s part of the process.Work through it and then go on to the next thing.


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It’s very important to get rid of your “Play it wrong” catharsis by presenting a clean example of what the correct way to play the song is. Go through it step-by-step through your practice session, and ask help from the person in charge if you need it. Interval training is a great thing to do to imprint certain patterns in your head, so you never have to stop and go back to make an appointment. You will feel yourself getting prepared mentally for the task ahead. The last thing you want to do is to have all this self doubt and worry. Make yourself clear on the task at hand, and then go ahead. You will deal with the issue amicably and with determination.


If you are having trouble with one particular bit of the song, take it one notch at a time. Only you will be able to tell when you are playing it wrong, and it will be easiest to hear the problem areas. If you are just getting started learning guitar, try to focus on just a couple of bits at a time. Focus on the fact that you are playing the right exercises and are training your fingers properly. Really get stuck in and practice them again and again.


Repetition is key. You need to repeat playing the piece over and over again. Focus on each small step. Try to get it down before moving on. Then you can move on to the next. Don’t expect to get it right away, or else you will just get frustrated. Set up a repeating sequence. When something is easier, try another. Offer yourself encouragement. repeating the exercise again and again. With a bit of this, you will eventually get to the point where you can play it straight through; not needing to stop to correct mistakes. Start with small treats and then slowly begin to build on them.


The next thing you need to focus on is practicing your strumming. If you have the music that you want to play, simply strum it. The more you practice your strumming, the easier it will be when it comes to performing. You should be focusing on rhythms, strumming and chords.


On top of the strumming, one of the most important skills you need to focus on is your ability to hold chords. Do not get ahead of yourself. Learn the basic chords first. When you are looking for class online, ask about the chords. Often, you might find that they are pretty basic. Find something that is simple and easy to learn. As you get more experienced, you should be able to elementary the chords, if not all three.


Yet, even with all of your effort and desire to be able to play multiple songs, you might still need to ask yourself why you are looking online in the first place. Is it for the love of playing an instrument, or do you simply want to explore a genre that you might not otherwise indulge in? Starting to Play the Guitar? Starting to Play the Guitar? Starting to Play the Guitar? Starting to Play the Guitar? Starting to Play the Guitar? Starting to Play the Guitar?

Starting to Play the Guitar?